Welcome to Robin’s Nest!


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About the business:

Robin’s Nest Furniture was born out of love for turning old, broken pieces of furniture into new, unique accent pieces.

Friends and family began asking me to re-finish pieces they already had after they saw furniture I had repurposed in my own home. When I opened Home Staging Advantage, a staging business designed to help sell homes quickly, I was given a ton of furniture by clients looking to downsize. Soon my two-level barn was busting at the seams with projects! I started re-finishing my collection of furniture one piece at a time, taking pictures every step of the way. I took my pictures store to store to see if there was any interest in my style of painted furniture. After several months of searching, I found a store willing to take a chance on me.

Robin’s Nest Furniture was hatched in 2014!

Over the last four years, my business has grown to more than three antique shops and I’ve expanded to salvage, farm house and one of a kind industrial. I’ve also recently become the sole supplier of OldCrowSoap in Pennsylvania.


About me:

After my five children graduated from college and “flew the coop,” my husband Tom and I found our dream home in Wrightsville, PA. To avoid the impending empty nest syndrome, we rescued a Great Pyrenees, BennyCal and three barn cats. Together we renovated the 200 year old farm house, bank barn and two outbuildings. We began filling our barn with other animals; seven chickens, five goats, three ducks and three swans. Recently our goats welcomed four new kids to the farm!



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